Thursday, January 13, 2011

Doc Appt

Today I had a doctors appt, my doc's name is Dr. Micus and she's pretty awesome. Joel wasn't able to come to this appt he is trying to save all of the leave he can so he can take time off after the delivery. Everything is good, I heard the heartbeat today so that was exciting, he/she was squirming around so it didn't last very long. I will probably have an ultrasound around the beginning of March. The appt will be over at Fishpond SW and the doc said of the 11 years they have been ultra sounding they have never gotten the sex wrong! That's a pretty good tract record. Joel wants to get a 3 or 4D ultrasound so we will be looking into that after the official ultrasound. So all in all it was a good visit, next one will be Feb 10th. They also gave me some free stuff from the formula and diaper companies! They have really stepped it up since I had Carter because now everything is way more stylish! After the appt I went and worked with Scott in Waco and I got to go with him out to Bush ranch to do a inspection for a shipment of trees. It was so freaking cool, he showed me all of the guest houses and part of the property. There are several bike trails and they have a guy that rides the trails and removes any brush that might be in the way before the Bush's take a bike ride lol

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