Saturday, February 12, 2011

Change of Dress

For Meredith's wedding all of the bridesmaids went to try on the dress that I posted last time, but instead we ended up choosing another dress that's going to be really cute. Everyone really liked it, and it looked so great on all of our shapes and sizes.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Upcoming Wedding

I thought I would share that my best friend Meredith is getting married, and three of her five bridesmaids will be very pregnant in her wedding so she had the task of finding a maternity appropriate dress. Here is a link to a picture, I think she did a great job, the dress is really cute. The color is watermelon, and we get to try on the dress next Saturday, so I will post some pictures. It will be funny to see what it looks like on now and then again when the wedding comes on May 21st!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Baby gear choices

Boy Stroller
Girl Stroller

Boy Bedding I like this one

And this one!

And this one, oh lord

This one is cute but it doesn't come with all the wall hangings and diaper bag and toy bag, but it is cheaper
Boy Playpen
Girl playpen

What a lazy day

Go Heather you can do it!!!!!! Just a little encouragement for my best friend!

I have laid around all day and I'm pretty ok with that lol. Carter has been in and out watching and petting the puppies, he is completely obsessed with them! Joel has been helping his friends parents move all day, Joel is a totally good friend to have! I have been on the internet all day looking at baby stuff and making a wish list on everything from walmart to overstock to Diapers really are better to buy online in bulk! Plus walmart ships diapers to your house for free, we are going to start stocking up on size 1's and 2's and some newborns. I'm really excited to do the baby room, I'm ready to find out what it is so I can start. I have lots of ideas! I will post some pictures of items I have in mind.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

More pictures from 2010

Carter at his 5th birthday party at the Mayborn Museum. My friend Jamie made that cake from scratch!

Carter in his Halloween costume at his great grandmas house

Soccer this last fall

I wonder what they are saying to eachother!

Taking a break at VBS in Chilton.

This summer and fall 2010

These are just a few pictures of the things that went on this summer!
The only picture of Joel having a shaved head! I liked it, but he let it grow back out :(
Carter getting his first tattoo at West Fest

On Randy and Sandras boat at Lake Waco, Carter caught a dead fish, yuck

More pics to come!

Doc Appt

Today I had a doctors appt, my doc's name is Dr. Micus and she's pretty awesome. Joel wasn't able to come to this appt he is trying to save all of the leave he can so he can take time off after the delivery. Everything is good, I heard the heartbeat today so that was exciting, he/she was squirming around so it didn't last very long. I will probably have an ultrasound around the beginning of March. The appt will be over at Fishpond SW and the doc said of the 11 years they have been ultra sounding they have never gotten the sex wrong! That's a pretty good tract record. Joel wants to get a 3 or 4D ultrasound so we will be looking into that after the official ultrasound. So all in all it was a good visit, next one will be Feb 10th. They also gave me some free stuff from the formula and diaper companies! They have really stepped it up since I had Carter because now everything is way more stylish! After the appt I went and worked with Scott in Waco and I got to go with him out to Bush ranch to do a inspection for a shipment of trees. It was so freaking cool, he showed me all of the guest houses and part of the property. There are several bike trails and they have a guy that rides the trails and removes any brush that might be in the way before the Bush's take a bike ride lol