Sunday, June 13, 2010


Here are some good pictures of Carter playing soccer this spring, he finished up really strong, he learned a lot this season!

I'm officially a "runner" lol

No not really, but I have started to run finally. I started out slow, running when I could during a 2 mile walk. I finally ran a lap, then was like why don't I run another, and then another, and all of a sudden it was a mile without stopping. I surprised myself, but I was scared it was a fluke, so I went to the track with Joel and Carter tonight and ran a mile and a half! I couldn't believe it. I really want to keep it up so wish me luck, my one following friend! Lol

Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's a go for soccer!

So Joel called Belton to see if we could sign Carter up late for soccer and they ended up extending the signups until tomorrow! What good luck!

Fort Hood

Today was a pretty surreal work day... I have certain inspections that I have to do on Fort Hood and today was the first day I have been on base since the shooting. It was sort of a "pit of you stomach" feeling with the thought of being so close to such a horrific event. I pray for the grieving families that were involved, and that they will be able to find peace.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Slow day....

So today was a pretty wet dreary day at work :( but I made it through relatively dry. Carter had a good day at daycare, he's got a Valentines party coming up and he's totally siked about it...and yes I did say "siked" lol We tried to sign Carter up for soccer in Belton, but I completely missed the due date, so I guess we look forward to t-ball now. I decided to figure out little workouts I could do around the house, and we have a step down between the kitchen and our bedroom, so I decided to do some calf raises yesterday on that step. OMG my calves are so sore, I can't even straighten my legs because the back of my knees are soooo sore. It's really sad, but I am determined to have some sweet high heel legs by summer!

Monday, February 1, 2010

My son Carter...

Joel and me...

Alright already....

My friend Heather has had enough of me not writing anything, so here I am. I will start with an introduction of my little family. I have a wonderful husband named Joel, and a sweet 4 year old boy named Carter. We currently live in Moody, which is a good location because I am from McGregor, and Joel is from Chilton, so it's centrally located to lots of grandparents :)